Black Fungus (Mucormycosis): Symptoms, Preventive Tips, Treatment in Hindi I Post COVID Mucormycosis

Black Fungus (Mucormycosis): Symptoms, Preventive Tips, Treatment in Hindi I Post COVID Mucormycosis

जानिए सरल भाषा में Post COVID Black Fungus (Mucormycosis) के शुरुआती लक्षण, बचाव के उपाय, इलाज के बारे मेंI

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In this video, we have given detailed information about Black Fungus (Mucormycosis) which is affecting patients after COVID.

Black Fungus (Mucormycosis) has damaged the eyes of the patient and sometimes it has proven fatal.

Mucormycosis is caused by mucormycetes fungi which present in our environment especially soil, decaying organic matter, damp and moist rooms, wet surfaces.

Mucormycosis affects individuals with low immunity (immunocompromised patients) like elderly people, cancer patients, diabetic patients.

The incidence of Black Fungus (Mucormycosis) is increasing in COVID patients because of the use of steroids, immunomodulatory drugs like tocilizumab, and humidified oxygen.

Symptoms of Black Fungus (Mucormycosis) are:
1. Pain, numbness, swelling in one side of the face
2. Pain and swelling in eyes
3. Headache and fever
4. Nasal blockage
5. Nasal discharge
6. Black eschar around the nose

Preventive tips to avoid Black Fungus (Mucormycosis) infection are:
1. Blood sugar levels should be in control especially of diabetic patients
2. Use clean, sterile water in an Oxygen humidifier
3. Avoid soil, dust
4. Clean the room of the patient
5. Judicious use of steroids

Treatment of Black Fungus (Mucormycosis):
1. Injection of Amphotericin B
2. Surgical removal of the infected tissue
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