How Intrinsic Motivation Differs From Extrinsic Motivation

How Intrinsic Motivation Differs From Extrinsic Motivation – Intrinsic motivation is different from extrinsic motivation. When a reward or acknowledgement for meeting or exceeding goals is provided, this is extrinsic motivation.

However, when self-satisfaction is achieved and a general feeling of doing a good job is experienced, the motivation is intrinsic. The activity or job being done is one that

interests the person and one they enjoy.

Therefore, the motivation is interest and enjoyment. They are not doing it to avoid a negative consequence or for an incentive provided by anyone.

This is one of the most satisfying of all life goals. The inner drive that certain people have to perform well and meet challenges is responsible for this motivation.

Challenge is essential to many people in the workplace and elsewhere. Students are challenged by certain subjects that are more interesting than others.

The goal being focused on is not to make straight A’s in this subject. It is to learn everything they can about it; hence, they satisfy their own need.

This motivation is totally different than one that has external factors that are considered in the attainment.

If, for example, as a manager or supervisor, you have an employee or employees who are self-motivated, this makes your job much easier. This is an employee who does not require

constant supervision because they have a genuine interest in what they are doing and they do it well.

This is true in a classroom setting as well. Teachers are inspired by students who display intrinsic motivation. Many career choices are made because of this motivation.

Although we consider it rare today when most people are motivated by money, there are some who choose a career because it is something they have had an interest in since they

were small.

If a child begins showing an interest in music when they are very young and they learn how to play several instruments by the time they are 10 years of age because they love

music, they are motivated by their love of music.

The child who pursues this throughout their educational years and does so because it is pleasurable rather than because they have the talent and want to become a musician to

make money is displaying intrinsic motivation.

Extrinsic motivation is responsible for many of the things we do even though we do not enjoy them. The motivation is the recognition or rewards that are earned by doing them.

For those who truly enjoy doing something, they would do it without compensation, never worrying about whether there is any recognition, personal gain, prestige or other types of benefits or rewards – this is intrinsic motivation.

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