Lawyer Reacts to INSANE Cop Training on TikTok

Lawyer Reacts to INSANE Cop Training on TikTok

This cop on TikTok is trying to teach you how to “properly” interact with the police, and I have some serious concerns! We talk about K9 units, giving consent to searches, and more!

CORRECTION: I state in the video that Rodriguez beat the dog. He DID win at the Supreme Court, but the case was remanded for further proceedings to determine what effect the new standard would have on Rodriguez’s case. Unfortunately, the Eighth Circuit ruled that the cops were entitled to rely on the “de minimis” rule of the Eighth Circuit that was in place at the time they stopped Rodriguez. He won the Supreme Court battle, but lost the war. Other defendants HAVE won against the dog in court by NOT allowing a police search. Two key cases in Virginia are Commonwealth v. Rivera (2018) and Commonwealth v. Anderson (2015).

The TikTok footage is from this profile:
But it appears this specific video has been removed. If we come across the specific TikTok, we’ll try to post the link.

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