#InternetAnalysis: vsco girls, e-girls, & tik tok! What is happening!! I will try to help you understand. Shout out to Ana Luisa Jewelry, check their designs here: http://www.analuisa.com/tiffanyferg10. Use code tiffanyferg10 for 10% off.
#vscogirls #egirls

0:00 – intro
0:29 – what is a VSCO girl?
1:32 – shout out to Ana Luisa for the cute earrings, again!
1:47 – VSCO girl checklist, including a hydro flask, metal straw, kanken backpack, scrunchies, & birkenstocks
3:01 – aren’t vsco girls just the classic skinny, white, wealthy girls??
4:09 – vsco girls have become a meme
5:23 – why do we make fun of teenage girls for their interests??
6:32 – vsco girls are the new tumblr girls
7:24 – basic girls
7:56 – alternative styles, such as e-girls
9:32 – TIK TOK and “ironic” humor
11:54 – similarities between vsco girls and e-girls
13:03 – e-girls and the “childlike” aesthetic
13:52 – Belle Delphine
14:49 – the many “alternative” styles of cozykitsune, aka simplykenna
16:17 – keeping up with trends is one element of social media fame
17:33 – can you blame people for following trends?
18:40 – are vsco and e-girl aesthetics ‘better’ for young girls than the unreal, facetuned aesthetics on IG?

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♡HOW TO BE AN E GIRL♡ (makeup, hair, clothes) – https://youtu.be/lrzo9ewiT1Q
E-girls and boys’ style is the antidote to the homogenised IG aesthetic – https://www.dazeddigital.com/fashion/article/45266/1/e-girls-e-boys-tiktok-instagram-fashion-eve-fraser-luis-abad-gen-z-style
E-Girls and E-Boys, Explained (article) – https://www.vox.com/the-goods/2019/8/1/20748707/egirl-definition-what-is-an-eboy


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