Beach House – The Traveller

Beach House – The Traveller

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Directed by Jennifer Juniper Stratford
Production company: Wondros
Produced by : Dana Marshall
The Traveller : Karis Wilde
DP: Travis Peterson
Production Design: Roni Levi
AD: Lynn Hong
Costume Design: Rainy Jacobs
Gaffer: Jon Tucker
Analog Tech: Stephi Duckula
Makeup : Karis Wilde + Tracy Chase
Executive Producer: Bethany Gould
Production coordinator: David Cho

When I come home
you’re just lying there
face against the wall
never had a care

I am just a Traveller
there’s no light in this room
and the body’s aching at night

would i be acting up
if i said
it’s not enough

who know who else who is with

no one is with the Traveller
there’s a light in my eyes

and a future invisible now

Heard it’s your birthday
candles in a row
Better blow them quick
before they’re melting on the

you were never a Traveller
there’s no light in your room

and the bodies don’t ache in the night

would i be acting up
if i said
not that much

who else would do
anything for the Traveller
there’s a light in her eyes
and a future visible touch

i was looking out of the window at the sky
starless vigil of a life that has gone by
Saturn turning and I feel there’s not much more
for a vision of the night turn off your light