Why did a TIME TRAVELLER need this old IBM computer?

Why did a TIME TRAVELLER need this old IBM computer?

Could the John Titor story be true? Why did IBM refuse to comment for this video? How did he know the IBM’s secret feature? Check out http://PCBWay.com – great PCBs from $5!
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0:00 Intro
0:43 Context
1:17 My novel’s similarity
2:45 IBM 5100 intro
4:13 Titor’s beginnings
7:18 Steins;Gate
7:47 Titor’s motive
9:16 Why the IBM?
12:40 Ladyfractic trims her bush
13:32 All a hoax?
15:20 Conclusion

0:33 I hear your feedback that the 8-Bit “Back to the Future” music at the start is a little loud for some people. It was there for my usual retrocomputing demographic. Production values have improved a lot since this video’s release so please hit Subscribe and you’ll see some more fun stuff like this in … the future… (see what I did there?)
0:47 Apparently his name is pronounced “Tie-tor” not “Tee-tor” as in “TIme TravellOR” though I couldn’t find him to confirm or deny

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